Sara Hosey

Sometimes you have to get lost to get found.

Check out my virtual reading and discussion with Tavia Gilbert, hosted by the Astoria Bookshop. Tavia (and her business partner Cathy Plourde) was the first editor/publisher of Iphigenia Murphy and is also the audiobook narrator. She reads a bit in this video–which is such a treat!

“I wanted to write a book about a girl who does not feel valued, who does not see herself or her experiences accurately reflected in popular culture. And while this book is for everyone, some of the most meaningful cultural experiences for me personally have been when I’ve been introduced to the experiences of folks …

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Check out this interview on From the interview: Particularly for readers who are struggling or who have struggled with the issues dramatized in Iphigenia Murphy, I hope they come away from the book with a sense that they are not alone, that they too can survive and heal and thrive, have adventures and fall in love …

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