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Sometimes you have to get lost to get found.

I love this article in the NY DAILY NEWS, “What Queens Can Teach America: The Most Diverse Borough Raises People Who Understand Diversity,” especially as the writer’s experiences are really similar to my own.

What a gift it was to grow up in Queens! If you, sadly, have not had the same opportunity, you can always read Iphigenia Murphy to get a little taste.

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“I wanted to write a book about a girl who does not feel valued, who does not see herself or her experiences accurately reflected in popular culture. And while this book is for everyone, some of the most meaningful cultural experiences for me personally have been when I’ve been introduced to the experiences of folks unlike myself. I hope that for readers who do identify with Iffy, who recognize and relate to her experiences, that Iphigenia Murphy lets them know they are not alone and helps them in their healing.”

Read the rest of this lovely article and interview about Iphigenia Murphy in La Voce di New York.

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From the interview:

Particularly for readers who are struggling or who have struggled with the issues dramatized in Iphigenia Murphy, I hope they come away from the book with a sense that they are not alone, that they too can survive and heal and thrive, have adventures and fall in love and bring their unique light and healing to the people around them. 

I hope that all of my readers come away from the book with a deeper empathy and sense of connection to others, a sense of hope and possibility and compassion.

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And here’s a piece that appeared on QNS.COM