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Sometimes you have to get lost to get found.

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When Cinnamon Lou flees an abusive boyfriend, she expects to find some sort of solace and safety at her aunt’s Wisconsin farmhouse. And when Amanda Carey opens the door to her strange-looking, skinny niece, she, in turn, expects the former addict to try to fleece her. What neither expects, however, is that despite their differences and unique dysfunctions (not to mention their ongoing persecution by local juvenile delinquents and the looming threat of Cinnamon’s ex), the two women will forge a profound—and potentially life-saving—connection.

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Because my mom is a psycho-bitch, my grandparents took her to court in order to be able to see me. And because my father is, legit, I am not exaggerating, a convicted rapist who also still has parental rights, my mother has to stay in Wisconsin so that if he ever chooses to exercise his privileges he may do so. 

Obviously, it’s all totally fucked. 

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I love this article in the NY DAILY NEWS, “What Queens Can Teach America: The Most Diverse Borough Raises People Who Understand Diversity,” especially as the writer’s experiences are really similar to my own.

What a gift it was to grow up in Queens! If you, sadly, have not had the same opportunity, you can always read Iphigenia Murphy to get a little taste.

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