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SUMMER PEOPLE is available for pre-order! You can get it at your preferred bookstore, but I recommend picking it up here or here

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Check out the Summer People book trailer. 

I’m teaching a one-day online workshop on 6/17, “REVISION!: Start with Action,” through Thoughtfox Writer’s Lab. It’s $50 and space is limited. Sign up today!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, make sure to pick up IMAGINING ELSEWHERE.

In Imagining Elsewhere, former bully, Astrid, moves to the town of Elsewhere and becomes the target of teenage tyrant, Candi, who has Elsewhere wrapped around her finger. Little does Astrid know, Candi’s hold over the town is darker than she could ever imagine.

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You might order it here or here.

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You can listen to the first two episodes of Imagining Elsewhere FOR FREE here on “CamCat Unwrapped.”


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As a featured author over at Colleen M. Story’s wellness blog, I talk about writing, dealing with anxiety, and teaching at a community college. 


My short story, “Mickey Makes a Salad” is in the latest issue of Mudroom Magazine. Here’s the opening:

It was a standard happy birthday post:

“For Luke, my ride-or-die, the best guy in the world, and the most awesome dad ever. Happy birthday!” 

These superlatives were evidenced by a series of images, including one of Rosemarie and Luke, young and be-backpacked, the Eiffel Tower looming behind them, followed by one of them gazing at infant Sophia, their foreheads touching, Rosemarie’s skin taut and shining. Then a silly one of Luke, red-eyed and wild-looking in a Santa costume, surrounding by howling family members.

Beneath the pictures, the standard comments:

HBD old man!

Happy birthday! Love you guys!

Hope ur celebrating today Lukie!

I looked at the pictures for a long time, my eyes finding the picture with baby Sophia particularly sticky: Rosemarie was aging well, certainly, but there was no recapturing of that youthful muscle tone, that line-free throat. 

My own throat constricted and tickled. I was smiling as I typed:

Lol Luke would be husband of the year if he wasn’t addicted to porn 

I didn’t allow myself a moment to reconsider. I just hit, “post.”

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  • Author of Jester (out now!), Brielle D. Porter and I had a great virtual reading and chat recently. 

  • I had the pleasure of talking to author Jordan Bartlett about Imagining Elsewhere. We covered bullying and the 1980s and where I got my inspiration for the story. Later that day, I tested positive for Covid and took to my bed. But I think I did okay during the interview! Please check it out here

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And more news:

  • It was an absolute delight to talk to Lara Ehrlich, author of the short story collection Animal Wife and host of the “Writer, Mother, Monster” podcast. We discussed parenting, foster parenting, the importance of childcare, pop culture, decorating (and not decorating), and why it is that the baby in Twilight grows up so fast. You can watch/listen here. 
  • I’m a little late to post this, but I wanted to share this wonderful review of Home is Where the Hurt Is. Allocco writes: “Hosey’s book is beautifully organized and written…this book would work well in many undergraduate or graduate courses in Women’s and Gender Studies, Communication and Media Studies, History, American Studies, Sociology, or Psychology. Furthermore, Hosey has organized this book so beautifully and constructed such a tight and thorough argument that this book would also work well in any course that teaches or emphasizes student writing.”
  • Things take a turn for the sinister when two adolescent girls appoint themselves custodians of a child alone in a playground. I’m excited to share my short story “Christine” is now available in the latest issue of East by Northeast Literary.
  • My short story, “Elephant Realty” is in the print issue of Cordella Mag-you can pick one up here.

  • I’ve been reading Bust magazine since I was a tiny baby feminist, so it’s extra rewarding to have Iffy featured on their site–oh my heart!