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Sometimes you have to get lost to get found.

Do you think you might have ADHD?

Join the club?

Here’s a list of websites, organizations, and accounts I’ve found useful, entertaining, or affirming. I will update as I find more. 

Like many adults I’ve spoken to, I was going through the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis for one of my children when I discovered that I too had ADHD. I’d look at the checklist of behaviors—as well as negative outcomes from those behaviors—and think, “It’s me!”

Getting a diagnosis has been very affirming and has given me a new lens with which to look at some of my experiences—and some of the struggles that I had both in my childhood and in my young adulthood. I’m sharing the following information because it’s not only been helpful to me as an adult, but because I believe it would have been really valuable to me when I was younger. 

First, there are lots of online tests you can take to see if you have ADHD. 

I love this test that helps you to recognize symptoms of ADHD in girls and women. 


The ADDitude Mag site has so many wonderful articles, resources, and links., like ADDitude, offers a wealth of useful info.


Over on Youtube, there are several exciting creators doing work on ADHD. My favorite is

“How to ADHD”

and I also appreciate the TED talk,

“ADHD in Girls and Women”

And check out my Bookshop Page, where I keep a list of books I’ve enjoyed about ADHD and neurodiversity.

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