Sara Hosey

Sometimes you have to get lost to get found.


Make a list of 10 people who annoy you.

Make another list of 10 people you don’t trust.

List 5 people that have hurt you.

List 5 more that you despise.

At least one of the people on at least of one of your lists is a potentially untapped writing resource.  Use those strong emotions and get to work.

You might ask:

  • What is it, exactly, about this person that makes me hate them so? Do they have any physical characteristics, mannerisms, or habits that I find particularly repulsive/upsetting/disconcerting?
  • Are some of the things that annoy me about this person things that bother me about myself? How much of what I feel is about them and how much of it might be about me?
  • If someone has wronged you, try to imagine the story from their perspective. (This might cause your blood pressure to rise to unhealthy levels, but it also might be worth it). What would they say in their defense? Write that story.
  • What is this annoying person like when he or she is lonely? Feeling misunderstood? Sad? Describe them at their most vulnerable.

Dig in.


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